If You have a Website, You Need SkyGlue

SkyGlue is a service that helps you understand what your users are doing on your site.  It works with Google analytics and enables individual user tracking and simplifies Google Analytics event tracking. It automatically tracks links, downloads, form interaction activities, buttons and many more within your Google Analytics reports.  SkyGlue’s patents pending technology is the simplest web event tracking tool currently available on market and one that any website owner needs if they want to increase their traffic.

Eric Huang, founder of Skyglue, says the idea behind SkyGlue came with several iterations to a previous idea.  “Before our current product, our idea was to build a standalone web analytics service for user retention analysis. We developed a prototype and had some beta users. What we found out is that it is very hard to have the users spend time updating their websites to collect data.

SkyGlue is a recent graduate of the startup accelerator Founder Institute.  The FI program is a 4 month long incubator meant to help first time founders get a business established and an initial product into the market.   The process is grueling and only about half of the accepted entrants usually end up fulfilling the requirements and graduating from the Founder Institute.

After completing some market research Huang found most of the high-end web analytics solutions, like Omniture, require consultants to add tags to websites to collect detailed user activity data.  According to Huang,” Using these services is an expensive and time-consuming process.  For small to medium websites, they use Google Analytics, but they usually just use the default pageview tracking setting without tracking those high business value click events, such as form interaction, white paper downloads. If they don’t measure them, they cannot improve them.”

Our goal is to make advanced web analytics extremely simple to use and easy to maintain.  We want to help our customers gain better insights into the behavior of their online users . – Eric Huang, Founder SkyGlue

Huang notes website owners can just use Google Analytics, which is by default only measuring papgeview tracking and basic user segmentation.  But without SkyGlue, their Google Analytics data is not actionable, and thus incomplete.  Google Analytics has event tracking but needs programming APIs and code change (tagging) on all related links and buttons and other items usually needing to be completed by developers.  SkyGlue lets users easily measure high business activities and find ways for improvement all with just embeding a line of code.  The major difference between Google Analytics event tracking API and SkyGlue are shown on this chart below.

It took a while for Huang to find this specific need.  “When I was in the Founder Institute Seattle program I spoke with various mentors and my beta users and it became apparent the idea for making advanced features in Google Analytics easier to use will address a bigger market.”  Eric adds that with SlyGlue, it will also be easier for you to attract more users with spending less money.  In a sense, SkyGlue addresses the pain-point of streamlining advanced web analytics – knowing what users are actually doing on your site.

When you sit with Eric, you get a sense he knows what he is talking about.  Not surprisingly, he has a Ph.D. in computer science from Indiana University – Bloomington with a focus on distributed computing and cloud computing.  After graduating IU, Eric joined Microsoft and became the 1st developer in Azure AppFabric ServiceBus team.  He was one of the key early-stage contributors of Microsoft cloud service from incubation to V1 release.  Prior to that, Eric worked for IBM Research and SONY.

With the current version, SkyGlue can automatically detect and track most website events that are of interest to you.  Individual user activity tracking is automated as well.  They have a good list of beta users that have provided tremendously valuable feedback. SkyGlue is currently in private beta and is looking to expand their user base and will soon implement an initial business model.

It’s free for a limited time, so go here to get SkyGlue for your site.


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