Founders Live Portland launched in 2017, ran consistently until late 2020 and is now looking to add an additional City Leader to help relaunch the events in the region. Founders Live is a fun in-person and livestreamed startup event and pitch competition which highlights promising early-stage startups from specific regions, where winners gain recognition not only in the local community but across the global Founders Live social platform.

Founders Live is looking for an individual who has been wanting to step into a leadership role within the community to organize and lead a frequent event. This individual will be responsible for organizing, planning and marketing the frequent event, networking with and selecting 5 startup founders to present each month, and joyfully building the Founders Live community. Founders Live will provide educational and training documents, in addition to an event Playbook, which outlines an A-Z perspective of how to execute an unforgettable event. The many benefits include modest rev-share from each event, deeper establishment within the early stage startup community, enhancing one’s public speaking skills, connecting with other leaders around the country, and expanding one’s influence outside of this city. If interested, email nick @ for more information, or quickly fill this out and we’ll be in touch with you


  • Potential of modest Revenue share from each event when there is revenue generated
  • Will become associated with “the center” of startup and entrepreneurial activity in their city
  • Increase and expand their personal brand within their city
  • Tremendous connections – with other founders, growing startups and large companies
  • Will polish their public speaking and presentation skills
  • Will be associated with a cool, new up and coming brand – Founders Live
  • Expand their influence outside of their city and across Founders Live ecosystem
  • Grow your leadership/management skills through training and education


  • Sociable and great with people
  • Can invest 20-25 volunteer hours each month into the event
  • Believes in creating value in the greater entrepreneurial community
  • Has a good personal network but wants to build a great network
  • Is comfortable public speaking and can hold a crowd
  • Not looking for a “job” but looking for a fun, and engaging opportunity
  • Values the resulting social capital created is greater than any monetary compensation
  • Believes in and lives out the 4 Core Values of Founders Live

About Founders Live

Founders Live ( is a community and media channel created to inspire, educate and entertain entrepreneurs around the world. The Founders Live experience includes unique and unforgettable 99-second pitch competitions in a growing number of global cities such as Seattle, Chicago, Austin, NYC, Vancouver BC, Buenos Aires, Harare, and Nairobi, which create local founder celebrities and bursts open additional pockets of creativity and entrepreneurial activity. Founders Live is now looking to expand into additional cities, including their signature livestreamed pitch competition where five handpicked companies take the hot seat and describe their value proposition in front of an eager audience. After the pitches and audience Q&A, the crowd will digitally vote on a winner who will not only receive an award and entry into Founders Live Hall of Fame, but also the opportunity to talk more about their product or service. Learn more about the Founders Live vision here.

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