Founders Live Prime Time 2022 Attendees Package

Welcome to Founders Live Prime Time 2022. We have collected an awesome group of partners and sponsors who are offering you golden opportunities, deals and insights. Feel free to browse and click through to any and all of these great companies.


We believe work is about people and ideas.

Spaces provides creative working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit in hundreds of locations worldwide. Its workspaces are created to inspire the forward-thinkers, innovators and game changers to go above and beyond their goals. Specially designed with creativity in mind, Spaces cultivates ideas by bringing a dynamic community of small businesses, entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs together under one roof.

Spaces is an operating brand of IWG plc: the holding group for a number of leading workspace providers. Other brands in the IWG portfolio include Regus, Signature by Regus, HQ and No18.

ALL ATTENDEES – Get an exclusive 10% discount on selected workspace solutions. Terms and conditions apply.

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Radial Development Group

Radial Development Group believes our work is only valuable after it is delivered to our clients, their users and their customers. Radial designs the processes to deliver meaningful, incremental improvement every two weeks.

You have your vision. Radial delivers.

We provide expertise to assist our clients to carry out their technical and software-based plans. Advice, guidance, support, as well as software developed for a wide range of technologies and purposes.

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Get 6 months free of Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM
Zendesk is a service-first CRM company with support, sales, and customer engagement products designed to improve customer relationships. Founders Live companies get six months of free access to Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM. This offer is only available for Founders Live startups that are new customers with fewer than 100 employees and funding no greater than Series B. Startups can apply here:

Startup Program Benefits:

  • Six months of access to our Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM at no cost*
  • Online office hour sessions with our startups customer success team
  • Access to our Startups Community including events, content and resources

* Note: Qualifying products and services are listed on our website


  • New Zendesk customer
  • Under 100 employees
  • Startup with funding no greater than Series B

Redemption Instructions:

As for next steps, you can begin to share this offer with your startups right away. From there, we’ll reach out every quarter with an update on activity as startups apply and join our program. In the meantime, here are some additional resources for you to share as needed:


Storj Institute, a non-profit founded by Storj Inc:

The mission of Storj Institute is to bring awareness of decentralized storage and web3 technologies to the public for the common good, with a focus on underrepresented people in tech including people of color, women, and other marginalized populations through education and advocacy.

We’re building the decentralized future.
At Storj, our mission is to enable the decentralized future, and our vision is to be the storage layer for the decentralized internet.

Storj Institute, an organization started by Storj Inc, helps underrepresented startups be free from barriers to opportunity and growth in the Web3 ecosystem. One way we do this is by making sure Storj Inc’s Decentralized Cloud Storage (DCS) is available to these startups. To learn more about using decentralized storage and to create your free account, go here. For more information about Storj Institute, contact Bridget Doran,

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Story Fruition

Melissa Reaves’ background includes more than 20 years in enterprise advertising technology sales and marketing, as well as countless stage credits as a professional actor/improviser. This combination ultimately led her to found Story Fruition to help others find and tell their stories–with impact.

Melissa works with CEOs, Founders and Senior Executives to build their storytelling skills and enrich their leadership. She story mines, crafts, storyboards and utilizes a video rehearsal platform that accelerates public speaking competency and turns speakers into great storytellers and magnetic leaders

For more help with Storytelling and Pitch Coaching for Startup Executives go here –


Dr. Julie Pham is the founder and the CEO of CuriosityBased, an organizational development firm based in Seattle. She is the author of the #1 Amazon New Release and Bestseller 7 Forms of Respect: A Guide to Transforming Your Communication and Relationships at Work.

Dr. Pham has been recognized with numerous awards for her community leadership. She has applied her community building approach to building strong, collaborative and curious teams. Learn more here –

Free digital course:


Meet on Bubble envisions a world that allows organization to operate, grow and work from anywhere in the globe. The means learning, working, conducting businesses, collaborating, and more.

As a result, we are enabling organizations to create virtual front offices to connect with customers, and remote spaces to remote work and education.

Get your own virtual spaces for your organization to help improve virtual communication for remote teams, e-learners and event organizers.

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Guided by the pillars of Conscious Capitalism, CodeLaunch brings together all of the startup community stakeholders for an event that significantly benefits the common good.

CodeLaunch accelerates early stage tech startups by providing them with professional software development teams to create their products/IP.

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NachoNacho is a one-stop-shop for businesses to manage, discover & get discounts on SaaS. NachoNacho is a terrific way to manage and control all your subscriptions, saving you time and money. Businesses lose track of their subscription payments over time: there are duplicate subscriptions, unused ones, free trials that unintentionally become paid subscriptions, employees leaving the company without their subscriptions being canceled, etc. Also, vendors often make it easy to subscribe but hard to cancel.

NachoNacho account holders are also eligible for substantial discounts (up to 30% lifetime discounts ) on hundreds of popular SaaS products: There is no promo code or discount code required – the discounts are applied automatically to a user’s NachoNacho account. Businesses are saving thousands of dollars due to the discounts available in the marketplace.

1) Everyone attending the PrimeTime 2022 event gets 50% off NachoNacho Membership Fees for 1 year. Click the CTA on this page: and sign up. The discount will be applied to your account automatically.

2) The 25 Prime Time Pitch finalists: They get 50% off NachoNacho Membership Fees for life.

3) The Prime Time global winner: Gets free for life NachoNacho account. You will also get a spot on one of our NachoTuesdays where we’ll spotlight your company in a 20 minute live interview to our entire community.


indipop offers healthcare plans with a savings of over 20%-70% compared to traditional insurance.  The plans work in all 50 states with the same benefits state to state providing portable benefits that follow you where you travel or grow your team.  All-year-long-enrollment and an open provider and hospital network, giving you the freedom to get the best care possible even if your employment situation changes. A plan that addresses your everyday healthcare needs, like the occasional bout of pink eye, but also provides transparent, set prices when an emergency occurs or you require surgery.  No surprise, edge-of-bankrupcy bills!  This is healthcare as it is meant to be. Get your health insurance at indipop.

ALL ATTENDEES – Free access to 30 min group session. Learn about Red flags to look for when exploring health plans. Determine if you really know what is in your plan? Discover what is a membership based plan? and Figure out what your options are if you want to grow my team? Find a Session here –


Rob Ricciardelli

Experienced at every stage from startup to exit, Early Growth is your company’s one-stop shop for all essential business services. From CFO to people operations, we deliver you time and peace of mind by getting your back office services done so you can focus on growing your business.

All attendees receive a free review of your back office efficiencies and compliance in finance and HR with Rob. Please reach out. to Rob at the email – rob @


We are a full-service consulting firm dedicated to meeting your business’ financial service needs. We handle the planning and execution of a wide variety of imperative financial goals from the strategy phase to implementation.

As financial experts, we understand the significance of having sound financial systems. They facilitate everything from better cash flow control, to increased efficiency, to accelerated business growth. Whatever your business’s financial goals are, NOW CFO can help you get there.

ALL ATTENDEES – Free consultation or financial statement review

Learn more about how you can get Fractional Accounting Services for Startups here –