Your Startup Company Colors

Company Colors: Genesis is series one, the beginning – a limited edition of collectible tokens commemorating each of the 25 startups in this year’s Prime Time regional competitions.

Much like rookie athletes or undiscovered bands, you and your startups are in the dawn of their heyday. This is your chance to capture your early moments before you find potentially huge popular success.

We’re only minting 100 tokens per startup, and they’ll only be available through end of 2021, with any remaining supply being burned on January 1st.

Along with additional utility and access to our premium membership offerings, those who purchase these NFTs will hold something that will most likely be in high demand if the startup goes on to become more successful over time.

Get your Company Colors before they are all gone!

Find Your Company Colors Collection on OpenSea.

Earn A 2022 Global Exposure Media Package

Sell Out all 99 of your Colors – earn the 2022 Global Exposure Media Package

We have created a fun package for any startup that sells out – meaning all 99 tokens of your colors publicly available are purchased – before Dec 31st. If achieved, you will gain even more exposure opportunities to ride the wave next year. 

Global Exposure Media Package & Founders Live 2022 Virtual World Tour (Package valued at approximately $10,000 USD)

  • Special Guest virtual speaker at up to 10 Founders Live events in 2022
  • Startup PR package with audio, blog post and media coverage
  • Special FL interview and full article coverage
  • Be a Special guest at Prime Time 2022 events
  • Your Colors will be included on our Premium Highlighted Top Startups Group

Get The Most Out Of The Company Colors

The goal is for these to be out in the wild as they not only give more exposure for you and your startup but also create a loyal fanbase group you can do special things with. Our global fan base of almost 100,000 people will be hearing about this over the next few months, so if you want your internal team/community to own these then it would make sense to quickly market to them. 

The cool thing about NFTs is that they are actual proof someone holds a certain token, and you can then offer special experiences or giveaways to anyone who holds your Colors, since it’s public view who has what NFT. Have some fun with it. Here are some ideas of how to sell out of your 99 Colors before the end of the year. 

  • Send message to your employees and team members asking them to purchase if they want
  • Send message to your friends and family asking them to purchase if they feel comfortable
  • Send a message to your social media fans, followers and subscribers with the same
  • Send a message to your customers and investors with the same
  • Create a contest for these Colors to get out to people..there are only 99 available and that means they are special. Who wants them? and have fun with it
  • Buy some for your team and provide for holiday gifts and year end bonuses.
  • Remember, premium business and entrepreneurial training and education comes with holding these Company Colors, so you could use the purchases for the company training budget!
  • Last thing… The ultimate inherent value and meaning of these Company Colors comes down to the impact and result of your vision and company. The more successful you are… the more likely these NFTs will follow the same trajectory.

First Time, Need Help?

We will be providing more information to the community and you with Q&A and FAQs of how to purchase if anyone has challenges, we know they can be a bit confusing. This campaign will run through the end of the year, but remember only 99 are available and they are first come, first purchase. They might be gone before you and your followers act. If you want help with the process, sign up below.

Community Support Token

Community Support NFTs are affordable ways to support Founders Live community startups, with 100% of each series’ revenues contributed to the year-end Livefest winner’s prize.

Additionally, holders of this NFT will receive special access to channels on the Founders Live community platform and will be eligible for airdrops and other bonuses.

Thank you for showing up for the startup community!

Purchase your Community Support Token here

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