Perfect Pitch Package

Welcome to the Founders Live Perfect Pitch Package. To prepare for the Founders Live experience please follow these steps provided from Founders Live partners.

  1. Learn – Before starting your prep: listen, learn and prepare your mind for the pitch experience.
  2. Create Your Story – Discover your story and find your most impactful message with Story Fruition
  3. Write the Pitch With Brevity – Determine the exact wording and structure for your 99-second pitch
  4. Practice Speaking with Yoodli – Practice your pitch using real-time feedback from an AI-powered speech coach
  5. Create Your Pitch Deck with Scroobious – A Pitch Deck Development Platform & investor connection platform
  6. Have Fun and Enjoy A Successful Founders Live Event

Let’s get started.

First, The Founders Live Event Overview

The Founders Live event follows a simple format:

  • 1 hour of opening entertainment and networking
  • 1 hour pitches/presentations
  • 1 hour networking

During the pitch hour, your 5:30 mins time on stage breaks down as such:

  • A 99 Second (1 min, 39 seconds) timed pitch. You will be stopped at 99 seconds!
  • 4 minutes of Questions from the audience
  • We encourage you to use slides and not to have more than 8 in your slide deck

Step 1 – To Start, Learn Pitch Tips From Experts and Founders

Listen to this audio podcast clip of pitching and storytelling tips from professional coaches, trainers and Founders Live competition winners.

Step 2. Create Your Story Arc and Develop Your Message

Story Fruition –

Please take the time to watch the video below and if needed reach out to Melissa Reaves or purchase the specific course on improving the Founders Live Pitch.

Take The Next Step – Level Up Your Pitch Game with Story Fruition Pitch Course –

Use Founders Live coupon code FLSTORY2021 – it will take $50 off the FL course only, so the final price is USD $49, a tremendous value to improve your pitch and increase your chances of getting to Founders Live Prime Time events!

Use coupon code FLSTORY2021 for $50 off the $99 Founders Live course, for a final price of $49 – a tremendous value to improve your pitch and increase your chances of getting to the Founders Live Prime Time regional events!

One-on-One private pitch coaching

Want more specific coaching from experts in storytelling, communications, and Founders Live/investor pitching?

Invest in Two – ½ hour sessions for $500 USD

1st Session – A Workshop session where we assess your script to have storytelling in it, and a makeover of your slides to not be data heavy and memorable.

2nd Session – the polish session where we make final suggestions and watch your time carefully; we coach you on delivery, mic work etc.

Want More? Story Fruition can offer you 4 sessions for $900 (this gives you a 10% discount)

Check out Story Fruition’s website.

Step 3 – Use Brevity To Determine Exact Wording And Structure

Write Your Pitch With Brevity –

Brevity Pitch has built a Founders Live 99 Second format specifically for you to perfect your pitch. Please use it as you prepare for the experience.

Step 4 – Practice, Fix, Iterate and Perfect Your Speaking Skills

Yoodli –

Practice and Improve your communication skills with real-time feedback from an AI-powered speech coach.

Step 5 – Craft a pitch deck to prepare for future sales or investment

Nail Your Pitch With Scroobious –

*Scroobious offers priced levels of access starting at $10 USD monthly.

In the video below Scroobious founder and CEO Allison Byers details what goes into a traditional investor pitch deck. Although for Founders Live you’ll want no more than 6-8 slides, this is very useful to use and you build upon the Founders Live pitch experience and move along to your sales and investor pitches.

Step 6 – Have a Fun and Successful Founders Live Event

Congratulations – You have discovered your story, used the correct amount of words and slides, practiced and improved your speaking skills!

Now it’s time to have fun and enjoy the Founders Live event.