Wahoooo! Welcome to the Founders Live Pitch Challenge Prep Package. This is an exciting time and big opportunity for you to shine, so we want to make sure you prepare appropriately. We have put together a number of resources, videos, interviews and clips to help you as you prepare for this fun challenge. We encourage you to take action on these and make sure you submit your application + Video by October 15, 2022. 

Pitch Challenge Overview

The Pitch Challenge follows a simple format:

  • Achieve 99+ votes on your pitch page and receive The Founders Booster Pack (valued at over $530,000 in Operational Perks for Startup Founders  + $5k in AWS credits)
  • Reach 500+ votes on your page and receive One Full year of FL Professional membership + Founders Live PR Campaign
  • Be the top voted pitch in your region and advance to pitch live during the Founders Live Prime Time Wild Card for a chance to win $25,000 USD. 

How It Works 

  • Create Your 99 Second Pitch Video
  • Upload Video to YouTube
  • Submit your application and video by Oct 15
  • Voting starts Oct 17 and ends Nov 11
  • Share your pitch page out to the world – get creative!
  • The goal is to get as many views/votes as possible
  • People must watch the entire pitch video before they can vote 
  • A unique email can only vote once for a specific startup pitch
  • The top voted pitch in your region will advance to pitch live during the Founders Live Prime Time Wild Card for a chance to win $25,000 USD. 


  • The Video must be 99 Seconds (1 min, 39 seconds) or less to qualify for the Prime Time Wild Card event. 
  • Videos longer than 99 Seconds (1 min, 39 seconds) can still be uploaded but will not qualify for Prime Time Wild Card event. 
  • The company, product or service must be currently in production, running or in the market and operating. NOT JUST AN IDEA.
  • The company, product or service must be your business or concept. NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S BUSINESS OR BRAND.

Nick’s Quick Tips

I created Founders Live for entertainment, education and inspiration. Our goal is to entertain people around the world with a beautiful mix of fun and innovation at an unforgettable event. But it also is an incredible venue for you to hone in on your message, gain valuable feedback and possibly earn new business! Take it from me, a well crafted 99-second pitch can change your life so it’s best to be as prepared as possible. Here are a few thoughts.

  • Make sure to wrap a storyline within your 99 second pitch
  • What emotion are you tugging on? Humanize it and make it relatable to any audience
  • What’s the problem/solution set? What issue or problem did you discover, who has this problem, and how are you uniquely solving it? Why are you the one to solve it?
  • Your goal is to get the viewers to nod their head in agreement as soon as possible
  • Make sure you include how you make money and some data of usage and growth
  • Don’t end with an investment ask, it feels weird to people who are watching
  • Prepare and practice for 120 seconds so you leave yourself buffer time at the end
  • Your goal = leave them with one major point or thought to ponder and be intrigued by

Example 99 Second Pitch Video

Please watch this for a good example of a recorded 99 Second Founders Live Pitch.

 Founders Live Pitch Breakdown Session

In this 40 minute Pitch Breakdown session, Founders Live team members Nick and Luis break down 4 winning Founders Live 99-second pitches, illustrating what they thought was Great Stuff versus What Needs Work, including:

  • Why slide designs matter
  • How loud is too loud to raise your voice when you pitch
  • Is it possible to talk too fast or slow during the pitch?
  • Does background views in your camera or background noise help or hurt your pitch?
  • What is best design for the slides used in Founders live pitches?

Although initially you won’t be pitching live on camera, this is a great overview of tips and suggestions for crafting your pitch video.

How To Nail Your 99-second Founders Live Pitch

This video provides helpful tips for both in-person and virtual video Founders Live Pitches

Take The Next Step – Level Up Your Pitch Game with Story Fruition Pitch Course. https://storyfruition.com/founders-live/

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 12.29.40 PM
Use Founders Live coupon code FLSTORY2021 – it will take $50 off the FL course only, so the final price is USD $49, a tremendous value to improve your pitch and increase your chances of getting to the Founders Live Prime Time regional events!

One-on-One private pitch coaching with Story Fruition

If you are interested in more specific coaching from experts in storytelling, communications and Founders Live/investor pitching, find more information at https://storyfruition.com/

AUDIO – Learn Pitch Tips From Experts and Founders

Listen to this audio podcast clip of pitching and storytelling tips from professional coaches, trainers and Founders Live competition winners.

Now, with this new knowledge go ahead and record your 99 Second Pitch Video.

Use Zoom, Streamyard or another application to create your pitch video,. Make sure to edit the video to create a final version so there are no awkward silences or distracting noises.

Upload Video To YouTube

Please go to https://www.youtube.com/ and upload the pitch video. Use the “share” function and Copy/Paste the YouTube link to your video and provide it in the Application form.

Finally, Submit your final application and video to The Prime Time Pitch Challenge – http://apply.founderslive.com/

Once you have completed the submission form, we’ll notify you of the next steps to get your network ready to vote for you!