Prime Time 2021 Attendee Package

Welcome to Founders Live Prime Time 2021. Here are some fun tokens and goodies from our partners.

Company Colors

Company Colors: Genesis is series one, the beginning – a limited edition of collectible tokens commemorating each of the 25 startups in this year’s Prime Time regional competitions.

Much like rookie athletes or undiscovered bands, these founders and startups are in the dawn of their heyday. This is your chance to capture their early moments before they find potentially huge popular success.

We’re only minting 100 tokens per startup, and they’ll only be available through end of 2021, with any remaining supply being burned on January 1st.

Along with additional utility and access to our premium membership offerings, those who purchase these NFTs will hold something that will most likely be in high demand if the startup goes on to become more successful over time.

Get your Company Colors before they are all gone!

Community Support Token

Community Support NFTs are affordable ways to support Founders Live community startups, with 100% of each series’ revenues contributed to the year-end Livefest winner’s prize.

Additionally, holders of this NFT will receive special access to channels on the Founders Live community platform and will be eligible for airdrops and other bonuses.

Thank you for showing up for the startup community!

Purchase your Community Support Token here

Track contributions at

Partners and Sponsors

We appreciate our global partners and sponsors, and they have graciously provided you the following information and goodies. Please check them out and feel free to reach out to these awesome companies and products.


NOW CFO is a “roll-up our sleeves” operational accounting and finance consulting firm with a singular focus on your company’s success. We fix the accounting problems all companies face and give you better financial visibility leading to smarter business decisions. We do ongoing part-time, interim, and project-based work, including helping you with all your capital raise needs. Founders Live highly recommends NOW CFO!

You can also visit NOW CFO for a wealth of articles about accounting and finance including “Equity Allocation Among Founders and Start-Ups” and “How to Raise Capital with Confidence.”

Free Finance Consultation

Schedule a free finance consultation that is right for you here on Calendly or contact Bill Sablan directly at for more information.


Outsourcing is full of risks. You may not know your developers, you may have concerns about the quality of the product, you may have communication difficulties when managing your project, and you may feel unsupported in ensuring the project is running smoothly.

Aloa is here to change this. With our cutting edge platform and an Outsourcing Strategist by your side, Aloa will ensure that outsourcing is both effective and painless. You focus on innovating – we take care of continuous vetting, project management, and international payments.

  • 60-Minute Product/Tech Consulting
    • Where a free consultation is normally 30 minutes, for Founders Live, we’ll offer a 1-time hour long consultation where a Strategist can provide added value, such as reviewing user stories, brainstorming tech roadmap, thinking through how to thin to an MVP, etc. Think of it as 1 free hour of a Product Development consultant. Even if you aren’t in need of Aloa’s services, we’re here to help and offer our thoughts.
  • 15% discount on software development for 1 full year
    • If someone signs up for a free consultation within 24 hours of the event, they will receive a 15% discount on all development services through us for up to 1 year. They don’t need to move forward right away, just need to have that first call. Otherwise it will be our normal price.

Contact Aloa Here


Spaces Vector Logo - (.SVG + .PNG) - VectorLogoSeek.Com

We believe work is about people and ideas. Our Spaces are inhabited by forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who are confident in achieving their goals. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur or a corporate intrapreneur, at Spaces we help our community to expand their horizon.

Our free-spirited vibe attracts an energetic community of positive and open-minded business thinkers who love to meet new people. The full program of professional events and hospitality services, and the inspiring sophisticated European design of our business clubs, involves people in the buzz and energy of Spaces, and make them feel at home.

By creating dynamic workspaces with a unique and entrepreneurial spirit we help you think, create and collaborate while our friendly team sees to all of the background logistics and services. At Spaces we make sure that our community can focus on driving their business forward.

Learn more at

Global Black Youth

Global Black Youth (GBY) connects, amplifies, and invests in the reach and impact of the most cutting-edge technology generated by young Black disruptors, innovators, and entrepreneurs on a global scale.

Our work connects young Black leaders to one another as well as with international opportunities; amplifies Black youth innovations and knowledge sharing across borders and sectors; and invests in Black talent locally, regionally, and globally.

GBY offers a series of products and services that serve both Black innovators and companies looking to diversify and strengthen their pipeline to global Black talent.

Represented by Phillip Ellison and Niousha

Learn more at –

Steamwork Ventures

Steamwork Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles, investing in early-stage companies working on connected solutions that improve health, wealth or the earth. We see connected solutions as an investment opportunity with the potential for triple review streams: devices, service and data, with a preference for an asset light manufacturing approach.

Presented by Marshall Smith. 

Capitalize VC

Tessa Flippin is the Founder and Managing Partner of Capitalize VC, a pre-seed and seed stage VC fund purpose-built to reduce the racial wealth gap by investing in early-stage Black and Latinx founders, while simultaneously creating access for diverse LPs.



The user-friendly, all-in-one event experience

Built for live and online hosts who are passionate about engagement but don’t have time to train speakers or onboard attendees

En Blazes

From Alex Salinsky


Inside You Will Find:

  • The 4 Key Areas to Scale Your Team!
  • Learn Which One to FOCUS on NOW!
  • PLUS Insights from 10+ Veteran Leaders!

BONUS – You will be given FREE access to the mini-course How to Valuate Your Business straight to your in box – no membership needed!