Secrets To Startup Success

Welcome to the Founders Live Secrets To Startup Success where Founders Live Insiders with memberships of Front Row or Professional levels gain exclusive access to wisdom and secrets from successful entrepreneurs and investors. Enjoy!

Startup Success Tips and Advice

VIDEO – Entrepreneur Advice from various investors, founders and advisors.

In this video you will hear from a variety of investors, entrepreneurs and advisors sharing their tips and advice of startup success, including:

  • How to raise investment money from investors
  • Best advice on growing your team
  • How to build a globally recognized brand
  • Improving your diversity and inclusion as a startup
  • Advice on how to approach building startups during pandemics and downturns
  • Plus many other great tips.

Here are just a few of the featured guests on the video:

Tessa Flippin – Capitalize VC. Tessa Flippin is the Founder and Managing Partner of Capitalize VC, a pre-seed and seed stage VC fund purpose-built to reduce the racial wealth gap by investing in early-stage Black and Latinx founders, while simultaneously creating access for diverse LPs.

Niousha Roshani – Global Black Youth. Niousha is the co-founder of Global Black Youth, which is connecting, amplifying and investing in the world’s most innovative and disruptive Black youth.

Marshall Smith – Steamwork Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage companies working on connected solutions that improve health, wealth, or the earth.

Dave Parker – Dave Parker is a 5X Founder and new author or “Trajectory: Startup—Ideation to Product/Market Fit”.

Genecia Alluora – Soul Rich Woman. Genecia is the founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 Leading Female Entrepreneur Network in South East Asia Connecting 200,000 Women Across The Region. 

Ty Stiklorius – Friends At Work. Ty is the CEO of Friends At Work, and longtime manager of John Legend, Lindsey Stirling, Raphael Saadiq and others.

Fundraising Advice

VIDEO – How To Raise Funding Like A Pro

In this hour long video, Alex Resnick talks with Keenan McCollum who works with early-stage and high growth companies in the SAAS, Cyber Security, IoT, ECommerce and B2B software industries to assist them with Seed, Series A and Series B and venture capital solutions.

Learn how to raise to raise money like a PRO! In this training you’ll learn:

  • The best way to create investor urgency
  • What to include in your presentation
  • How to identify and get in touch with the right investors
    We’ll cover the various options to consider when looking to fund your company operations, as well as hear tips and tricks that will help you raise money like a professional.

Keenan is the Founder of Alexander Hunt – A VC firm created for tech founders, by tech founders because the current system is broken. Bulge bracket investment banks and non-tech bankers working mandates with the world’s VC’s is a glaring mismatch and causing deals to die on the vine. We have built a platform that handles growth deals in the way growth investors want, concise and efficient.

Alex Resnick is the Founder of Evolve Leadership, whose core mission is to “be the help we wish we had.” We do this by helping Founders, Startups, and Future Leaders develop the essential Communication, Sales and Leadership skills needed to truly make an impact.

Alex spent the last 14 years in sales and consulting working with companies ranging from early stage startups to large global enterprises. He experienced first hand the challenges that held both startups and large corporate teams back from achieving their goals. Across multiple industries and business environments, the biggest roadblocks to success often tied back to a lack of interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence with their people and a lack of sales process, strategy and leadership overall.

Founder Success Secrets

AUDIO – Startup and entrepreneur success tips from various entrepreneurs, founders and coaches.

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Expert Pitching Tips and Secrets

Experts share with you wisdom of the 99 second Pitching, Investor Pitching and Storytelling

VIDEO – Pitch Breakdown

In this Pirch Breakdown, Founders Live team members Nick and Luis break down 4 winning Founders Live Pitches illustrating what they thought was Great Stuff and what Needs Work, including:

  • Why slide designs matter
  • How loud is too loud to raise your voice when you pitch
  • Is it possible to talk too fast or slow during the pitch?
  • Does background views in your camera or background noise help or hurt your pitch?
  • What is best design for the slides used in Founders live pitches?

You’ll hear critiques and pitch breakdowns of:

ReElivate – Your go-to place to book events that engage employees, captivate clients, and create authentic company culture.

Exidio – Empowering secure access to web 3.0

NurtureTalk – First ever platform preventing up to 61% of US infant deaths using a journey-based approach to baby-feeding support with on-going connections with registered dietitians.

Soshe – an app-based, digital health membership empowering new and expecting moms with better information, real-time problem solving, and expert support.

AUDIO – Pitch Tips

Pitching and Storytelling Tips from professional coaches, trainers and Founders Live competition winners

This audio clip is jam packed with incredible advice on pitching and storytelling from professional coaches, trainers and Founders Live competition winners, including:

Bryan Ruttberg – Bryan is the CEO of 3C Comms, which connects leaders and their organizations with their most important stakeholders–customers and employees, donors and volunteers. We build the right communications, creative programs, and culture to turn them from users or workers into fans and allies. With training, coaching, and consulting, we build profitable long-term relationships by helping deliver more to your audiences and learn more from them.

B2B companies call 3C to help develop and deliver compelling messages that are consistent and memorable, and build programs that create love and loyalty. We’re successful when our clients increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), increase customer and employee retention, boost satisfaction ratings, and drive referrals and references.

Melissa Reaves – Founder of Story Fruition, Executive Storytelling Mentor, Conference Facilitator, Investor Pitch Advisor, Keynote Collaborator, Rainmaker.

Melissa guides CEOs, executives and founders for keynotes, investor pitches and presentations through the power of professional storytelling skills. Personal stories educate, share wisdom and can change the world. Let’s discuss your organization’s needs:

Mellisa’s background offers 20+ years in enterprise ad-tech sales and marketing and a professional improviser at Unexpected Productions in Seattle. As a storyteller: I regularly appear on The Moth Story Slams, Seattle’s Fresh Ground Stories, Ignite Seattle, NAMI’s Brainpower Chronicles, The Risk, and my stories have been heard on NPR and coming to PBS this spring 2022.

Christina Brennan – A Communication Consultant, Presentation Coach, Poor People’s Campaign Organizer.

As a communication consultant, I help professionals and companies figure out what they’re trying to say and say it well. Through workshops, seminars, and 1:1 coaching, I build messaging development, storytelling, and public speaking skills.

Through a diverse background in marketing, advertising, sales, and journalism – with large corporations like Microsoft and startups – she has developed systems and skills that help her understand how audiences best consume information and how to create content that is useful and memorable. Christina love teaching others this information and helping them be more successful by being a better communicator and presenter.