Stream Founders Live Prime Time

StreamShare for Founders Live via Switchboard Live

We are very excited for the upcoming Founders Live Prime Time global series starting in October and we are inviting you to join us in streaming these events. 

Switchboard Live developed a live multistreaming product platform named Switchboard Cloud that allows a single live stream to be published to multiple social media destinations/channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc..) simultaneously. Think HootSuite but for live video. Their clients range from NFL teams, TV stations, influencers, and brands.

They’ve developed an easy process called StreamShare that makes it simple for you to opt and receive the Founder’s Live broadcast on your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn social channels. Unfortunately, Instagram is not supported at this time, as Instagram has not added native 3rd party external support.

So what are the benefits of receiving the live stream? The stream will be published to your live channels and your subscribers/followers will be notified that you are LIVE and will have the option to tune in and watch on whatever device or platform that they have access to. It will appear to your audience that you are live, but you won’t have to do anything. Also, the archive of the stream will be stored on your social destinations. So you can repurpose and or share the content, once the live stream is over.

NOTE: if you want to stream to YouTube you have to verify that Live Streaming is enabled on your account; it is not enabled by default and it takes 24 hours to get approved. You can do so by clicking on the following link:

Be our Streaming Partner

Please follow the steps below to opt-in your social channels and get started:

  1. Browse to the following URL and complete the form:
    1. XXXXXX – StreamShare Page
    2. Name
    3. Email
    4. Phone
  1. Select the destination from the drop that you would like to opt-in to receive the live stream and follow the prompts to share your channel. See the image below for an example:
  1. You will also receive an email once you successfully share a destination so that you can revisit the signup form to revoke/remove access once the live stream is over.
  1. If you have any issues doing so you can send an email to