World Tour

Tour Map - 2020 (2)

Nick embarked on the inaugural Founders Live World Tour in 2019. You can read his full announcement here. and after 365 Days, 60,000 miles and 36 cities and 4 continents it is was a smashing success! At the end he wasn’t tired – he was Inspired. So this year not only is he back on the road adhering to Covid-19 safety recommendations, but we’re working on a film project to bring the inspiration to the big screen.

The Basics

The Inspired Ones – A gritty, authentic travel series about inspiration, resilience and modern entrepreneurship where in various cities Nick Hughes unearths multiple entrepreneurs who share their unique startup stories and compete for a prize at their local Founders Live event, all within the cultural lens a particular region or city, unleashing an inspirational behind-the-scenes view of the people creating our future.

“Ninety nine seconds. Barely over a minute and a half. This is how much time hopeful entrepreneurs have when they pitch their company, themselves, and their livelihood on the new show The Inspired Ones. 

Similar to Shark Tank, and with local flavors of Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, The Inspired Ones takes you out of Silicon Valley and transports you to various cities around the world from Denver Colorado, to Nairobi, Kenya, to Tallinn Estonia – and everything in-between – to highlight emerging entrepreneurs who are fighting to turn their ideas into the next breakout success. 

Each episode will introduce you to a new innovative culture, three new optimistic entrepreneurs who have less than a month to prepare for the chance of a lifetime to tell their story and share their vision with the world. With a bit of coaching from host Nick Hughes and industry experts, these entrepreneurs take to the stage with one chance to not only impress their local community but win over thousands of people, companies and investors viewing around the world.

How many undiscovered founders can you imagine are out there just aching for their 99 seconds to change the world?

The Inspired Ones Status

Throughout this year we’re laying the groundwork and hopefully shooting pilot content, negotiating production, representation and distribution deals. Our goal is to have a larger Network deal in place for multiple seasons to start with in 2021. It could be sooner, but that extended outlook makes the most sense at this time.

Ok, so what’s the plan?

Here’s what we have *penciled* in for this year. Since Founders Live continues to expand around the world there’s a chance some of these destinations will change during the course of the year. Nick generally stays in each city or region for the entire month, with direct travel to the next city on the list. If you want to meet up or organize any activities, just let Nick know.

Month, 2020 Founders Live City
Jan Seattle (Home)
Feb Portland, OR
Mar San Diego / Seattle (COVID)
Apr Seattle (COVID)
May Seattle (COVID)
Jun Phoenix, Austin, Denver
Jul Chicago, NYC, Boston
Aug Boston, Denver, Seattle
Sep Guadalajara, Mexico City (Pending)
Oct Quito Ecuador, Bogotá Colombia Pending)
Nov Seattle (Home)
Dec Seattle (Home)

How can you follow along?

Nick will be documenting this experience for sure! We’ll be creating interesting, fun and inspiring content that can be found on the following spaces:

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Instagram Nick –

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Where’s Nick?

This map shows where Nick will be in the world at any point in time. Feel free to check it often when you want to know what city he is in.

How can you help?

Take another look at that anticipated tour schedule. Nick could use help in the following:

  • Do you know a trusted, fun, interesting and cool person in one of the cities I should meet? As you know, I like meeting new people! Plz open the door.
  • Do you think they might even have a spare room and would be open to hosting me for a short few weeks?
  • Know of any companies or brands who want to be part of a global search for inspiration and talent? This journey will welcome corporate partners if it makes sense.
  • Are there key players in our industry or executives at companies I should talk with in these cities?
  • Share this story! Spread the word about Founders Live and the 2020 The Inspired Ones world tour and share with media if you think they might be interested.
  • Know of a videographer or creative team who wants to join the team and help document the whole thing?
  • Anyone want to go on tour with me? Or meet up in one of the cities for an extended trip? Let me know.

Here we go!