Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Sponsor The SoEntrepreneurial Blog

See that mountain biker over there to the right?  That could be your business/company image and link for an entire month.  Monthly Sponsorship Investment -$5oo.  A quick payment through paypal will get you highlighted for 30 days straight on this blog.  Why the specific amount you say?  Here’s 10 quick reasons:

Nick needs to make blogging a sustainable practice.  He has been told he is pretty good at it and he enjoys every minute and every interview.  Please think about how you can help him and send this to any founder, entrepreneur, business owner, lawyer, dentist, investor, CFO, CEO, CPA, MBA, MD, student, grad student, mother, father, grandson, brother, sister, and baby you can think of who might be able to keep SoEntrepreneurial adding value to your life each day.

See those twitter, facebook and linkedIn buttons below.  Click em!  Send it.  Let’s do this!

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