This Is Great Advice For Any Blogger or Writer Today

As most of you know, only recently have I taken to writing.  In fact, it was in mid-May I started this blog as well as had the opportunity to freely post on a world-wide publication like Business Insider.  So when I read something like this statement below from A.J. Kessler, I really identify with it.

In a medium like writing, creating great work means not only producing a lot of work, but doing even more editing.  Honing ideas, stories, scenes, and phrases until they are as good as they can reasonably be.  Even though most of your output may suck, with enough refinement, you can eventually produce something fantastic.

Although writing seems to come to me naturally, it is quite challenging to do it well.  There are times I look back at past posts and think “what was I thinking?”  But, it’s an iterative process and with more writing comes better writing.

If your goal is to produce outstanding work, in any field, recognize that most of what you produce is going to suck.  To get from “suck” to “awesome” takes a huge amount of effort and skill.

That being said, I encourage anyone out there to start writing.  You will be surprised at what will come your way.  It has been the single greatest and most impactful decision I have ever made in my life – hands down.

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  1. Have to agree with you. I had an English professor who kept telling me I was good and that I should write often and hone my skill. I enjoyed writing, but didn’t believe him, so I did nothing with it. Now, I am 45 and finally putting myself out there. Never too late, right?


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