Food, Drink and Tech: The Seattle Startup Crawl is Friday, August 26th Starting at 5pm

Here’s your chance to mix some of the best things known to man – Beer, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Seattle – all together in the same event.  The Seattle Startup Crawl 2011 will be a great opportunity to gather together tech entrepreneurs in Seattle and at the same time learn more about the awesome and growing startup community here in Seattle.

It will be in the form of a progressive party, with each host providing their choice of snack/beverages.  We will start at approximately 5pm with Cheezburger Inc./ as the first co-hosts.  After a drink or two, the group moves on to the offices of Estately/Nine-by-Blue to continue the festivities.  Next, around 7pm the group (probably growing at this time) will arrive at Habit Labs on 9th and finish up with a stop at Big Door in South Lake Union.  The afterparty will begin immediately afterwards, held downstairs (in the same building) hosted by Founders Co-op/TechStars.


Startup Crawl Map (thanks Scott Porad)


The cost will be $5 (there will be an additional $1.26 Eventbright fee) and the tickets are limited to the first 150 people.  Details below.

Date: Friday August 26th

Time: 5pm and later

Cost: $5.00

Stop 1: Cheezburger/ – 5pm

190 Queen Anne Ave N, Suite 310

Seattle, WA 98109

Stop 2: Estately/Nine-by-Blue – 6pm

615 2nd Ave #150

Seattle WA 98104

Stop 3: Habit Labs – 7pm

2101 9th Ave #205

Seattle, WA 98121

Stop 4: Big Door – 8 pm

511 Boren Ave North

Seattle, WA 98109

Afterparty – 9pm

Founders Co-op/TechStars –  Downstairs

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  1. This is going to be an awesome event. For anyone going, it’ll be fun to jump around town and see how vibrant the Seattle startup community really is. Good stuff Nick!


  2. Nick,

    I made a map of all the places on the crawl:

    You could embed it on this page if you wanted.


  3. The link to Decide is broken 🙂


  4. Thanks everyone for a great time!


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