If You’re Not Getting Job Offers Right Now, You Just Ain’t Tryin

I know we are in an extended period of economic recovery.  I understand markets are shaky right now and the global economy is teetering on another possible collapse.  I am also aware unemployment rates not only in the U.S. but around the world are as high as they have been in many years.  I know all this.  But If You Ain’t Getting Job Offers Right Now, You Just Ain’t Tryin.

How do I know?  Although I haven’t settled on my next business pursuit just yet (decision coming soon!), I have been offered many unique and exciting job offers and partnerships recently.  This article is not about me and how great I may be – that is not for me to decide – but more about how one can start to gain a more attractive position for future opportunities.

Do Something…. Anything!

The first thing to do is SOMETHING.  Anything will do, just do something.  Make sure it’s unique.  And do it well.  And do it every day and document it.  I have talked to numerous people recently and I keep having the same conversation.

Person: Man, I can’t stand my job

Me: What is it about the job you hate so much?

Person: I just feel I am not challenged, it’s not fun anymore and I need something new.

Me: Well, what are you doing about it?

Person: I don’t know… nothing at this point.  I am looking around and submitting some resumes, I’m looking on Craigslist too…

Me: Well, good luck with that!

Then I go on to help them understand submitting your resume is the #1 worst way to get a job.  You have a better chance getting attention by standing in Times Square holding a sign in your underwear, like the cowboy dude playing the guitar.  You do realize when you go the resume route you are just 1 of 100 or even 500 people, who all now will be juxtaposed and compared solely on what they have done on paper.

Standout…. Somehow

Maybe you shouldn’t stand outside somewhere in your underwear, but you need to do something to stand out and showcase who you are and what value you bring to the world.  If you are not working on something of value outside of your “paid” hours, you are falling farther and farther behind all those people who are.  This is what I mean when I say “you ain’t tryin“.  Employers, startups and investors want to see what you do that is unique and separates you from the rest of the pack.

For me, it has become writing and creating these short pieces you are reading now.  I have only been writing for 3 months now, but opportunities are hitting my email, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts every day. We’ll see how it turns out…

[I enjoy people reaching out to me, so feel free – @jnickhughes]

Employers, investors, business partners first hire based on character, uniqueness and value, and secondly on competency.  That is a fact.  Knowing this, you need to use digital media to highlight your strengths and spread them across the globe so others can start to see why you are so special.  It is also why I for the last 3 months have adhered to Mark Suster’s rule of take 50 coffee meetings.  Face to face is the best way to determine character and value, not on a piece of resume paper.  I have done so many meetings this summer I can’t keep track, but for sure they have been the best coffees I have bought in recent years.

As a CEO, who do you think I would chose to hire:

Person 1:  Randomly received their resume via email, looks 5 years old.

Person 2: Saw their latest blog post passed around via twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Heard my friends and co-workers commenting on their latest work, and last time I spoke with their current CEO, he had nothing but praise for this person and their work.  When I check their LinkedIn profile, it’s complete and displays a strong and wide array of industry experience and many common connections.  They have started a conversation with me via one of the social platforms…

Introverted?  Get Help

There are many who are not naturally outgoing, extroverted, courageous enough to start writing to thousands of people, or just can’t figure out how you can get discovered.  If this is you, get some help.  Jobfully is a web service that helps people like you; people who are submitting resumes, even getting interviews but are having a hard time getting hired into the job they want.  Their motto: Get Hired Faster and Easier.

Mei Lu, Founder of Jobfully, told me they can shorten the average job search from something like 9 months to about 6 weeks, an 80% difference.  How?  By providing the smart way to job search. They provide tools, coaching, support, strategy and a step-by-step plan for success – all in one place.  They help you prepare for interviews and learn the follow-up process to seal the deal.  It’s a great idea.

Look, I know these are challenging times… but please understand if you aren’t currently being offered new positions and business opportunities, you just ain’t trying very hard.



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  1. Nick:

    I don’t know “what you do”, but you are a very (very) fine writer.


  2. Somebody’s waiting for you.


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