Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or Google+ Which Provides More Value?

Social applications have taken our world by storm the last few years and have indeed proven they are important utilities in our lives. I think it is safe to say some are mere vanity and fun; some are valuable resources to help us move forward in our life pursuits.

The question is: which is which?

I have to say LinkedIn – with the ability to keep me connected with important people in my industry, help distribute my writing as well as bring me updated with relevant industry articles and information each day – has positioned itself as the most valuable network in my life.  Consumer Privacy concerns aside, the future looks HUGE for LinkedIn.  I use LinkedIn pretty much every day, somehow someway.

Twitter is a close second.  It has helped distribute information as well as loosely connect me with thousands of people.  It’s potential to change the world is still largely untapped.  I check Twitter every day.

Facebook does not provide $100 billion worth of value in my life… do I really care about what all my old high school friends and other acquaintances are doing?  Harsh, yes.  But apparently it’s not very valuable to me.  It’s just something of a courtesy check every day or day to see the what’s going on in my friends lives.  But the problem is – I’m really not engaged with the network.  Will this change?

Google+ just seems to be skidding along right now with no real value proposition above and beyond all the others mentioned.  It is worthless to me at this point.  What say you?

I don’t care the valuation of each as a company; I am wondering which provides the most value to you as a user – every day.  I have a feeling the one with the highest valuation is not providing the most value… do you agree?   Answer why you feel the way you do in the comments.





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  1. I have to agree. My impression in the UK is that Linked In has, effectively, positioned itself as the LEAST social of all these media. I joined for purely ‘work’ reasons, and for those reasons it is useful to me. The others are mere distractions for idle moments! Maybe not so much Twitter – time will tell.


  2. The value of each platform is different for every user. For professionals or entrepreneurs, LinkedIn presents the most value because it’s a place where like minded individuals can share ideas and research the people behind innovative products and companies. 

    Facebook is useful for people interested in what their friends are doing, buying or thinking at any given moment. Twitter is a nice medium in between for sharing info and random thoughts. I don’t really see any value in Google just yet, but you never know.

    Personally, I find equal vaule in all three. As an entrepreneur, I go where the consumers are. If they enjoy Facebook, we utilize that platform to generate interest in our products. If they enjoy Twitter, we do the same. The value depends on how you use each network. 


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