Name Change! Introducing Our New Name – Seconds

As conversations evolved and our company matured over the last few months, an interesting theme started to emerge – we are more than just a platform for ordering.  Ordering is just one action a customer takes when they interact with a local merchant; thy also communicate, purchase, refer to friends, find information.  We realized an order cannot happen unless a connection has been established. Once a connection is established, communication usually follows.  In that vein, we have decided to change our name to Seconds.

Frankly, Seconds is a much more brandable name than Order SM.  Throughout our search for a new name we kept coming back to the themes of repeatability, quickness and efficiency.  Seconds brings to mind “wanting more” and “very quickly”, two very strong foundational characteristics to build a consumer oriented product around.

Our entire concept has revolved around repeatability and loyalty.  If you like a restaurant, coffee shop, taxi driver, or any other product or service, it’s a strong possibility you want to go back and repeat your experience.  With that in mind, we created what was originally named Order SM.  We wanted to make it dead simple to communicate and transact again with a favorite local merchant.  Now, the term Seconds will be branded as a way to connect and quickly repeat your customer experience.  Use Seconds to quickly have that non-fat latte you like so much (and order every single time!)

The Realization of the web only speeding up (in fact, our lives seem to be increasing in speed) was also a cornerstone to the name change.  We envision a not so distant future where a user checks Seconds to see the local community activities – from coffee house purchases, to the latest taxi cab whereabouts, to what’s the hot happy hour tonight – all in real time up to the second.  You now see where this thing could go….

Functionality of the current product is not changing and the only enhancements will be cosmetic in nature.  A new logo where the old ones resided, replacing all Order SM content with Seconds content will be most of our enhancements.  But, with this new branding comes an incredible new opportunity – a consumer facing experience.  Be on the lookout for new developments in what will eventually become a whole new local consumer experience.


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  1. I like the name change.


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