With My iPhone In Hand It’s Like I Am Sitting Right In Stanford’s CS183 Class!

The headline is true, except for the fact that if I was actually sitting in the Stanford CS 183 class, I would hear Peter Thiel’s voice, not Siri’s.

Yet, I can’t help but smile at the fact that I can highlight any amount of text, sit back, and have my phone read it to me.  It’s awesome!

I am aware this functionality can be found in other downloadable apps and is not the first time I could have text to speech.  But baked into iOS makes it that much easier and fluid.  Just take this as a brief step-back from technology and realize how cool our world of mobile technology has become.

It’s how I have been consuming most of the class notes Blake Masters has graciously been posting on his blog.  I am sure (although an afterthought to him) it’s been quite the traffic spike for his blog.   These class notes are indeed long reads and when I don’t feel like reading, I just highlight and listen.

How to get Siri to read to you:

1.  Have an iPhone 4S

2.  Hold finger and highlight any content

3. Select speak.

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