#MobileIHateYou — A love/hate letter to my mobile phone.

The following is a guest post from Ted Youngs. Storyteller, designer, entrepreneur & CMO at Seconds, the mobile payment system working to make technology so simple that it disappears. @bobhodge

#MobileIHateYou — When you turn me into an addict.

Everything else be damned! Sunlight streaming through the window, my child’s hand tugging at my shirt sleeve, the oncoming traffic passing at 120 miles an hour. All I want is to be away from here, lost with you in the pixel wash of your retinal display.

#MobileIHateYou — When you don’t give me my fix.

Your ringtone goes “ding dong”. You vibrate in my pocket. Except it’s that guy’s ringtone over there. You lie inert. That vibration? Just a phantom. The conversation I was having without you was good. It’s just that I so wanted to believe that you were calling me to a better one.

#MobileIHateYou — When I’ve just bought you and you’re the most precious thing in the room.

Remember that party we went to? (It was our first day together.) Everyone knew your name. No one knew mine. Compliments on your sophistication and grace were directed to me but were meant only for you.

#MobileIHateYou — When six months later you are obsolete.

Until I had you, I never knew I could be so self-conscious, so vain. How did you age so quickly? Why do I feel shame when I expose you in public? I thought we had something that would last. The whole world seemed to flow through you to me. I didn’t understand: you were just a fashion to be discarded with the next season.

#MobileIHateYou — When I look up from you and find that the day is gone.

What where you showing me? A mushroom cloud over Beijing, promotional offers for websites I haven’t visited since 2008. It’s all a little hazy. How could so much of my life be consumed by staring into your a 2” x 4” screen? Is being with you making my life better or are you the one who keeps me from living?

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