So Apparently My Blog Stats Point To Me Being #1 Asshole!

According to my stats today, someone is searching my name with the words “asshole” associated with it.

Actually, according to this person I am the worlds #1 asshole!  See for yourself down below.

I not sure what I did, or if they are actually looking for Nick Hughes – the entrepreneur – as being the #1 asshole.  Surely I’m not the only one named Nick Hughes in the world.  Right….?

Note to the person searching for asshole me: I’m sorry, it’s just been “one of those months.” But hey, at least I am #1 at something!

An interesting side note is the amount of wisdom tooth searches you see on the list.  No joke, it been happening every day since January.  People must really have issues with their teeth and are looking for a little wisdom from someone who has dealt with them before, and lived to tell the tale.

Go ahead, poke around my blog and decide for yourself if I am the #1 asshole they were searching for.

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