What’s Work Life Balance?

Holy cow, I just looked at the date of my last post and it reads March 2nd, 2014.  A whole month went by and I haven’t been able to write a single post!  What the hell happened?

Have I been too busy?


Have I been a little lazy and chosen other things to do rather than writing?


Have I been in a psyche funk, where up is down and left is right?


As I evaluate it, it’s all these things.  My life has been extra crazy recently:

  • with my original startup Seconds hanging in limbo with an interested party sitting on the sidelines wanting who knows what
  • with a contract job coming to an end leaving me to figure out how to pay the bills
  • with a new contract job coming together just at the right time so I didn’t lose my shirt off my back
  • with a new company almost ready to roll out publicly and make a HUGE announcement
  • With side projects like Founders RAW nipping at me to put more time and resources into
  • with random happenings in my personal life, all hoping I can isolate a little time to keep myself sane

Your life might sound the same, so this list begs the question – what is work life balance anyway?

The answer I am figuring out is there is no such thing as work life balance if you are a hustling entrepreneur.  Or better said, “it ain’t equal parts work and life.”  It’s just life.  If you are on the cusp of doing something extraordinary, new, innovative – or extreme – there’s no real way to work normal hours and feel like you have much free time for anything else.  You end up working all hours of the day, or at least thinking about “things” all hours of the day.

It just can’t be both ways.

Either you are coasting in a job and have time and energy to do many different things outside of your profession/business responsibilities; or you are hustling, pushing the limits – placing the chess pieces as I often say – and positioning yourself for future success.

I’m am coming to grips with the reality that it can’t be an even balance of work and personal life at one specific point in time.  You have to choose to excel at one or the other, or you’ll fail at both.

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