Jumping (Back) Into The Water Is Tough

After an extended break from writing this summer I now find myself having a hard time getting back in the groove.


Well, for one thing I rolled out a new company called Coinme, which is in the bitcoin industry.  It’s going well but it had most of my attention in the late spring and early summer.  I also jumped onboard this summer as Director of Business Development with a new startup called Knotis that is developing really cool tech for the local commerce space (steady paychecks are where it’s at!)  Things are going well and I intend to write about Knotis as well.

So I’m a busy guy helping to build a few different companies at the same time.

Also, not to be lost in it all this is the beating my MacBook took this spring.  After an event I organized I walked over to my laptop only to discover a beer had been spilled directly onto my machine.  When I found it, I picked it up and beer was dripping out of the bottom of it!

Needless to say I was very upset.

The next day all I got was a black screen when I tried to turn it on.  Turns out, after letting it dry everything was alright, except the esc, tab and shift keys don’t work.   Try typing and capitalizing words (shift key) with your right hand when you have done it with your left your entire life… not fun.  And so I stayed away from long form writing because it felt weird and I needed to learn how to do it the other way.

Well, I’m back.


I want to get back into the habit of writing a few times each week.  It’s like exercise, we all need it and it does wonders for our health.

So look for new posts as I plan on picking back up on my writing about entrepreneurship, tech, life as a founder, and other things that catch my eye.

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