Founders Live – Official Coronavirus Recommendations

UPDATED March 16th – We have suspended all in-person events until May 2020 at the earliest in accordance with CDC recommendations.

As you know, events surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) are evolving rapidly. Founders Live continues to closely monitor the situation with the health and safety of our entire global community in mind. We are also now taking precautions to put preventive actions in place as recommended by the CDC and our local King County Public Health Department in Seattle, WA.

Officially, we are still operating business as usual around the world but events are suspended until further notice. But as a leader in the entrepreneurial events industry it is important that we keep our city leaders, presenting founders and event attendees informed and assure you of your safety during any of our events and operations. We have been monitoring reports provided by federal, state and local government sites and keeping communications open with various organizations and affiliations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”). Currently, health officials recommend that everyone take the same steps to protect against coronavirus as are taken to prevent illnesses like the flu. Based on what has been communicated, we have implemented the following preventative recommendations:

  • As attendees, please make your own decisions on attending our events, and attend at your own risk. We understand if you choose not to go out into public places during this time. If you have a ticket to an upcoming event and plan to not attend, please cancel it.
  • When in attendance at an event, be aware and practice appropriate methods of greeting one another and providing adequate and safe distance between others when in social situations. 


  • As city leaders, we ask you use your best judgement when planning your upcoming events
  • In addition to regular event preparations, as city leaders we ask you make sure your venue has adequate antibacterial wipes in every room, hand soap available, and hand-sanitizer throughout the event area. 
  • If you feel it’s best to postpone an event for a month or two into the future, please do so and know it is without recourse. We trust your judgement.
  • But also know we expect a return to normal operations and frequent events as conditions improve in your city
  • Please be aware of and follow your specific city and federal health and safety recommendations 
  • We understand large gatherings and local events have been temporarily banned in certain geographies so again, please check with local authorities and government officials
  • Lastly, please stay in close communications with Nick and Team Founders Live about your current situation and event activities, if you do choose to delay or cancel an event.


This is a fluid situation around the world and things are changing rapidly so this official stance and recommendations might be updated when the time calls for it.

In the short term, many industries are going to be negatively affected. Especially, travel and transportation, food around any large events like SXSW, etc are going to be hit hard, so we encourage you to look for opportunities to help. There are many really really difficult stories like this right now in these industries, so it reinforces the fact that we need to be a leader not a follower, and open the door to those who really need it at this time.

I would like to take this opportunity to leave all of you with a few thoughts and words of encouragement. Even though it feels like this pandemic is quickly escalating out of control, creating uncomfortable fear and possessing great possibility to throw our world into an economic and health tailspin, we must stand strong. We will not add to the panic or fear mongering. Instead, as leaders we will listen, learn, adjust our actions and attitudes, and pivot where needed. It is our goal to never stop inspiring, educating and entertaining entrepreneurs around the world, whether that be physically or virtually.

We will do this because it not only is the best option at hand, but it is what the world needs at this time. The world must continue moving forward, businesses need to continue to be launched and grown, and people need more things to be excited and optimistic about in their life. Founders Live will continue to be a source of joy and inspiration to many people around the world. We will overcome this.


To keep our communities around the globe safe and healthy, and to slow the spread of this disease, we encourage you to follow these best practices:

  • Tell us immediately if you are diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Consider working from home when feasible, while this unfolds
  • Take your temperature before coming to work
  • Stay home if you are experiencing a fever, cough, or shortness of breath
  • Go home immediately if you develop these symptoms during the day
  • Wash your hands several times a day
  • Eliminate your travel when and where possible, including personal travel
  • Replace meetings and visits with video; don’t attend large group events
  • Spread out in your workspace.
  • Touch things less. Avoid shaking hands. Use a knuckle to call elevators.

Helpful links:

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  1. You should feel secure going to an event if you take basic pre-cautions:
    1) Wash your hands often with soap and water.
    2) Limit touching your face.
    3) Develop handshake options, bow, elbow bump, Live Long and Prosper hand sign, etc.
    4) Don’t go to an event if you are sick.
    5) Use clean utensils to eat food, not your hands.


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