Founders RAW: Cameron Wheeler And The Crazy World Of China Manufacturing

In a recent Founders RAW conversation I spoke with a good friend and fellow founder Cameron Wheeler.

You may be familiar with Cameron and his company as I covered his startup ZappBug earlier this year.  Yes, they manufacture ovens to kill bedbugs:

The idea was to develop a bed bug oven that could use heat to kill bed bugs in luggage and other personal belongings, saving peoples belongings in the end. “We chose to begin with this product because we had the technical competency to do it. Heat treatment is a proven way to kill bed bugs. The product could be used for both prevention and extermination and would be a great revenue generator.”

 Although Cameron is a good friend of mine, I have to say I am very impressed with him and believe he’ll be extremely successful as an entrepreneur.  In my opinion he just “has it” and you definitely sense it when you sit and chat with him.

What’s “it” you say?

A deadly combination of: Smarts.  Intelligence.  Technical know how.  Social intelligence.  Persistence.  Understanding of markets.  Knowing where to innovate.  Youth.

Go ahead and watch the conversation.  From meeting Elon Musk to spending time in China, it’s a fascinating conversation.

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