New Year, Same Ol’ Commitments

If you have been reading my writing long enough you’ll know I don’t set New Year’s resolutions.  I feel they are akin to the “yo-yo dieter” who for the umpteenth time says “ok, I am really going to lose 50 pounds this time!”


The fact that it takes a specific day of the year to encourage someone to make decision to better their life should be the first sign something is not right about it.  Come February 1st, talk to most people (90%) who set a resolution and they will tell you they failed to keep it.

So, I don’t make them.

But I do review/make/remake commitments around the focal points in my life.  The three things I will continue to be committed to are as follows.  (Also, I woke up to this today so the new year seems to be starting off quite nicely I must add).

photo (4)

1.  My Entrepreneurial Journey

I will see through my investment and commitment to Seconds and moving mobile payments forward in our society.  Some unexpected activity arose on this topic late last year and I should have more to report on in the coming months.  Also, I have a number of other projects in various stages of planning I cannot wait to start talking about.

2.  My Influence

I have committed to expand my (and others close to me) influence on the technology industry through writing, videos (Founders RAW) and real world networking/industry events.  Creating great content and sharing it with others has become a theme throughout my life.

3.  My Health

I will continue my balanced approach to maintaining my health, wellness and fitness.  I do this by isolating specific times and days where I spend 30-60 minutes running and working out.  This is a non-negotiable for me.  I am not obsessed with my fitness – going to the gym everyday or highly restrictive eating habits – but I guess I am obsessed with keeping it a normal part of my weekly routine.

So rather than setting some crazy resolution I know I won’t be able to stick to, I reconfirm on the pillars I have already set in my life.  I encourage you to look within and commit/recommit to important aspects of your life.

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