A Vacation From Writing

After almost 3 years of consistently posting 3-4 times per week, I am taking a break.

You may have noticed I have been less frequent in my writing lately, and that is indeed true.  I have quite a bit of things going on in my life and business(es) and it seems like I cannot find the time and mental clarity to get a post together.    

photo (4)I recently noticed myself getting anxious as I realized I had not been writing as frequently, and I don’t like to get anxious.  I would think of great topics for posts and then wouldn’t get around to putting pen to paper (er.. fingers to keyboard?)

I finally sat back and thought to myself “why not just make it official and take a break so you don’t feel like you are struggling to write?”

So I am taking a vacation from writing.

I have no idea how long this break will last. It could be weeks.  It could be months…

But have no fear, I will continue to post/update videos on Founders RAW each day since those don’t require much time each day, so you can head on over there and get your Nick fix.


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