The Importance of Wellness and The Founder Scorecard

Entrepreneurship is hard. There’s no doubt about it. It’s also one of the most rewarding activities one can engage in during their time here on earth. 

Yet how does a Founder maintain their composure, health, and well-being throughout the challenging times so they can experience the positive rewards and benefits of the entrepreneurial life? 

Balancing Mental and Emotional Health

My personal founder experience has been a roller coaster of sorts. The constant ups and downs of growing a global brand have absolutely impacted my health and wellness. The constant need to “always be crushing it” and to show graphs that move up and to the right grinds to the bone. 

It can hurt.

It can feel like everyone is depending on you to make the next move.

It can feel like you aren’t good enough. 

It can feel like despite everything you do and all the products/features you release, nothing changes.

It can feel like you are not worthy and no one cares. 

To be completely honest, I struggle with all of those aspects I just mentioned above. And all too often I have told myself that I wasn’t good enough – that no one cares about Founders Live and that all this time and effort has been wasted. 

Yet, that is not the truth. It is simply the result of a depleted spirit, and a person who is desperately yearning to refill their cup with energy, excitement and inspiration.  

The answer, I have discovered, to a healthier and more enjoyable entrepreneurial journey lies in directly focusing on my health and wellbeing. By taking account of how I am feeling and what I am experiencing – and making sure I take the appropriate steps to be “full of energy and inspiration” – I have found a new little secret to maintaining my entrepreneurial endurance and stamina as I build Founders Live.

That is why within Founders Live we are now turning our attention and focus to Entrepreneur Health and Wellness and building around the Ideal Founder – the complete Founder – if you will. 

In addition to the recently announced Ideal Founder membership tier, we are excited to announce the launch of the Founders First Scorecard, which is a new app built in partnership with Founders First Systems, and now available to the entire Founders Live community. 

The Health and Performance App for Entrepreneurs

You already track your business metrics. It’s time to bring that same level of attention to your most important asset. Yourself.

Prevent burnout. Manage stress. Sleep better. The Founder Scorecard wa created by founders, for founders and in consultation with human performance experts, health researchers and psychologists.

With the Founders First Scorecard, you can:

  • Track your performance
  • Join Weekly Challenges With Other Entrepreneurs
  • Toolbox to optimize my health and wellbeing
  • Regain your lost productivity
  • Increase your energy
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Restore emotional balance and prevent burnout
  • Build a bigger business

I am personally committing to improving my entrepreneurial health and wellness, and I encourage you to join me. Here is how I am going to use the Founder Scorecard to improve my life and performance. 

  • I will be creating a scorecard daily – or at least a few times per week
  • I will be posting and writing about my experience
  • I will be posting about my scores and what they are teaching me
  • I will be looking for other leaders in the community to do the same
  • We hope that as this catches on, we can create a movement of healthier and more balanced entrepreneurs. 

Join me in improving my health and wellbeing with the Founders Scorecard.  

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