2021 Ideal Founder Training Schedule

Ideal Founder Training, our new educational weekly workouts, gives entrepreneurs the tools—and the discipline—to hone their abilities, stay sharp, and execute at their best. Learn more about the Training program here.

EACH TRAINING – 60 Minutes Total Via Video

[5 mins] Welcome and opening

[15 mins] Short talk – overview of the Topic

[25 mins] Breakout sessions with others in group

[10 mins] Takeaways and Weekly Exercise

All Live Sessions take place on Tuesdays at 10am PT / 1pm ET and attendance can be purchased by session, monthly or the entire package.

June 2021

June 15 – Founder Mindset: A Growth and Tenacity Mindset For Success

June 22 – Personal Branding: Creating Your Unique Voice As An Emerging Founder

June 29 – Scaling and Growth: What’s Your BHAG? And How To Set Milestones

July 2021

July 7 – Team Leadership: Creating A Vision Worth Following

July 13 – Health and Wellness: Holistic Health and Wellness For Optimum Founder Performance

July 20 – Customer Development: Unique and Effective Ways To Gain Customer Insights

July 27 – Finances and Accounting: Simple, Easy And Quick Accounting Tips For Busy Startups

August 2021

Aug 3 – Investors and Funding: Are You Backable? What is a Backable Startup?

Aug 10 – Revenue Models: How to Evaluate and Pick Optimal Revenue Models

Aug 17 – Company Branding: How to Create A World Class Company Brand

Aug 24 – Ideas Hacking: How To Use No Code or Low Code Apps To Create MVP’s

September 2021

Aug 31 – Sales: How To Improve Your Customer Pipeline

Sep 7 – Scaling and Growth: How To Level Up From Startup to Scale-up

Sep 14 – Team Leadership: Where and How To Look For Cofounders and Team Members

Sep 21 – Health and Wellness: Learning From Our Experiences – it’s Never Failure

Sep 28- Customer Development: What is Product Market Fit? And How To Know When You Hit It

October 2021

Oct 5 – Finances and Accounting: Profit/Loss, Balance Sheets and Financial Windshields

Oct 12 – Investors and Funding: Tips and Tricks of Creating Effective Pitch Decks

Oct 19 – Founder Mindset: How To Find And Maintain Your Founder FLOW

Oct 26 – Company Branding: Core Values And How They Help Create Your Brand

November 2021

Nov 2 – Social Media: What’s Working In Today’s Social Media Landscape

Nov 9 – Experimentation: Test, Experiment and Iterating Your Way To Product Market Fit

Nov 16 – Metrics and KPI’s: How To Best Set, Measure and Track Company KPI’s

Nov 30 – Team Leadership: Are You The Best Leader You Can Be, Right Now?

December 2021

Dec 7 – Health and Wellness: How To Rest, Recover and Renew For Next Year

Dec 14 – Culture: Let’s Have Fun and Celebrate The Year-end

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